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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Argus C3 'Brick Camera' 1950s

Type/Model: Argus C3 Made in USA with tele 100mm/f4.5 lens
Comments: Vintage cameras have to be cleaned up and lubricated and this one here has been sitting around in some corners for the past 20-30 years collecting dust! The viewfinder and rangefinder needs to be cleaned and adjusted while the leatherette needs to be changed for good. Fairly easy to disassemble this one.

Again using the croc-type leatherette, I gave this old vintage a new croc look! So handsome now!

Argus C4 of the 1950s

Type/Model: Argus C4 1951-1958  Made by Argus Cameras, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI USA
Comments: A very nice vintage 1950s camera made in the USA. I did some cleaning on the blurry simple view finder and took the opportunity to adjust the rangefinder by opening the top cover. Having cleaned the lens and lubricated some mechanical parts, I decided to change the old leatherette for a new croc-skin type. It looks better and handsome now!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Terms and conditions of Sales.

All the terms and conditions listed herein shall apply if any sales are finalised and confirmed. Please read these terms carefully before making any confirmation.

  1. All items sold are not returnable and considered completed once the item/s are being sent out.
  2. Total cost of items shall include Item/s cost + Packing Material + Shipping Charges. Item cost is as per listed. Packing material is standard and may cost between RM3-RM5 and normally involve bigger and bulky items. Sometimes they are even FOC. Currency notes are light hence only postage shall be charged. Shipping/postage charges can be estimated here from our local postal office ( unless stated otherwise. No profit is intended to be made from shipping or packing material.For international shipping, airmail registered is recommended. Insurance is optional.
  3. Items shall be sent out as soon as possible upon receipt of payment on any business day.
  4. Once item/s are being sent out, seller shall not be responsible for any lost items or breakage.However, all items are properly bubble-wrapped to ensure maximum protection and postal safety. 
  5. Any postal receipts or ref numbers for sent items shall be communicated to the buyer via emails.Photographs of items, before and after packed, shall be communicated to buyer after sending.
  6. Will ship international except prohibited by Malaysia or otherwise countries deemed unsuitable for international postal delivery.
  7. Payment by pay pal can be accepted via my 100% credible and trusted ebay account. 
  8. Email me for any questions related to all the itmes listed here.Or quick communication or questions can be done via the cbox here. 
(Similar to my main collectible page)
Thank you.
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